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Once you step foot into our spa you’ll be taken away immediately by the zen-like atmosphere, transcending you into a state of warmth and relaxation.  The  sweet aroma and meditating music is just the beginning of your vacation away from home.

Whatever service you receive, our estheticians have been in the business for years, ultimately giving you the expertise, attention and care that you long for.

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Arona Beauty Spa has been open since April 2010 and , keeping all of the experienced staff and putting customer satisfaction as their number one priority!


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So whether you’re looking for a place to get away for some real comfort or if you’re just in the mood to treat yourself or someone you love to a relaxing day of total bliss, look no further.  Refresh Day Spa & Salon is the place to rejuvenate your mind and body!  We hope to see you soon…….


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